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Wild Morning Glory

A wild morning glory in a soybean field. Taken earlier today.

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Grandpa’s Scrapbook

WAR THREAT IN U. S. EMPTY IF NATION MINDS OWN BUSINESS Gen. Smedley Butler Tells Hammond Audience How To Avoid Strife There is no danger of the United States going to war unless she allows herself to become the dupe of other nations, Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler told a capacity audience last night in Hammond […]

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News and Views

Several states cutting property taxes. The Brothers Judd had an interesting link to an article in The Scottsman about how at least fifty crimes a day in Scotland go unpunished because prosecutors decide further action would be ‘disproportionate.’ I meant to link this a couple months ago. It’s an economic lesson taught by way of […]

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Books read in August

I started out the month being six books behind my goal of five a month, and I ended it being only two behind. That was encouraging progress. 🙂 * V-Mail: Letters of a World War II Combat Medicby Keith Winston, edited by Sarah Winston – Winston wrote prolific letters to his wife and children during […]

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From the Index Card Files

I have an index card with the game ‘Hull-Gull’ on it. This qualifies as one of our simple toys and past-times (you can see another here, it’s about the right season for it). You can read more about it here, which is one elderly lady’s account of how she and her siblings played it and […]

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