Because the shelter took in 94 kittens in June alone.

As shelter staff were rushing around from day to day trying to make the various kittens housed and healthy and fed, they were still coming in. There reached a point where, short of housing them on the roof, the shelter could take in no more unless the owners were willing to accept euthanasia as a distinct, if unpleasant, possibility. But this is not good enough for some, it seems.
“I just don’t think that’s right. I can’t stand it when innocent animals are put to sleep.”
“We understand. It is not pleasant and it is never our first option, we always try to find rescues or homes for them first, but we don’t always have space.”
“If they get put to sleep, trying isn’t good enough!”
Here follows a short silence while The Equuschick gapes in indignation and the man with the kittens continues to sulk. At last he says, “But I can’t afford to feed them forever!”
“We realize that,” says The Equuschick, “But what we are asking you to understand is that we can’t feed them forever either. Our resources are limited as well.”
Here, the man sighs again and looks at the floor. Then, he says, “You know, we got along fine before this place was put up. We didn’t you need guys.”
Then follows another silence as The Equuschick thinks to herself “Soooooooo? Take the kittens back home, then.”

He didn’t leave the kittens. They were, granted, strays to begin with, and they were not refused. They would have been put up for adoption. But when space and money run out, they can no more “feed them forever” than can the old man.

Of course, of course, the shelter is THE GOVERNMENT! The unlimited benefactor of benevolence who is ultimately responsible for every inconvenience that comes your way!

Not. The government is only human.

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