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Tall Bellflower, otherwise known as Campunula Americana Horsenettle, a pretty, but nasty, little weed. chicory, a brilliantly blue flower that always makes my heart soar when I see it. It also makes me think of this silly little ditty my father sometimes sings:“Chickery Chick, Cha-la, Cha-laChick-a-la Romey, In a Ba-nan-i-kaBol-li-ka Wol-li-ka, Can’t you seeChickery Chick […]

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Situation Ethics

I went to school in the height of the values clarification/situation ethics craze. We played the lifeboat game, the one where we voted which of a certain list of people should be kicked off a lifeboat if we have more people than food supplies on that lifeboat.We charted our values for different moral questions- where […]

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So… What Are You Reading? from my archives

Itazurrako made some very interesting points about college and professors in the comments to the post below about the student who wants you and me to put grad school in her grasping hands. Her remarks reminded me that in one of his Rabbi David Small mysteries, Harry Kemelman talked about that very thing and made […]

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Index Card Files

Take a large can or straight edged cardboard canister (such as a large coffee can or an oatmeal carton). Paint or glue different colored dots around the edges.Paint or glue a corresponding dot on clothespins (each clothespin has only one colored circle. The child attaches the correct clothespin on the right colored dot. Store the […]

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20th Century History

For decades it was the mantra of the left that Whittaker Chambers was a liar, McCarthy a deranged liar, and the Rosenburgs and Alger Hiss were innocent victims of a dreadful injustice perpetrated by rightwing demagogues. I don’t think our young scholars can properly have a sense of the 20th century, especially the first half, […]

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