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When The Gurus Change Their Minds

I wrote a post called Whose Your Guru that got a lot of attention back when, maybe more than it deserved. Something happened in guru-land last week that made me think, “hmm, maybe I should revisit that theme.” And then I thought, ‘nah.’ Then the same thing happened a few days later, only with a […]

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Homeschooling Special Needs Children, A Short Reading List

After School Communication Activity Book (based on EASIC Evaluating Acquired Skills in Communication) I do not know what EASIC is, but I have found the activities in this book useful at certain times in The Cherub’s Life. I do not currently use it, but it was helpful for a while. Most of the activities are […]

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Great Scott! The LATimes And Religion

This is hilarious in a sadly ironic sort of way…

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What Pip and I Have Been Working On..

That’s the cover for our Charlotte Mason Calendar.

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Inclined Plane Illustration

Page from a set of volumes called “The Book of POpular Science” published in the 1920s.Books are dark blue with gilt trim on spine and cover. Very pretty.

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