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In the Gravest Extreme, by Massad F. Ayoob

“I don’t deny the fact that there will be terrible moments where the intended victim will have no choice but to pull the trigger. But if the timing is right, and if the assailants are of the typical mettle of a mugger who wants an easy score and doesn’t want to shed any of his […]

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Everybody Else Does

This is a little ramble about something that irks me just a little. That irksome thing is when one parent voices a concern about a problem in an older book, usually racism, and other parents will shrug off that complaint by saying something like, “Oh, that doesn’t bother me in an older book, because that’s […]

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Rainy Day Activities

Thunderstorm moving in, so I’m trying post a couple things right quick. Nobody should need to tell a child this, all mine have figured it out on their own and Milne even has a poem about it- but pick two raindrops on a window, name them, and see which one reaches bottom first. Rainy days […]

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What Blogger Needs

I’ve just rejected a bunch of spam in the pending comments folder, and it appears to me that blogger could use a couple of modifications: The ability to block certain commentors- there are two spammers who are persistently, consistantly posting here, and I’m really getting tired of it. Yes, I know they are probably both […]

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Piano Recital

Last night three of the Progeny had a piano recital (and they did very well, thank-you). I love their piano teacher. She’s a homeschooling mom herself, and has four delightful sons. They remind us of goodnatured Tasmanian Devils. You know in the old cartoons where the Taz rolls and spins all over the place on […]

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