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Sunday Hymn Post

O Heart Bowed Down with Sorrow O heart bowed down with sorrow!O eyes that long for sight!There’s gladness in believing;In Jesus there is light. Chorus: Come unto me, all ye that laborand are heavy laden and I will give you rest.Take my yoke upon you and learn of me;For I am meek and lowly in […]

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I had to take the picture very quickly because if the person holding him stopped walking, he would sit up, and look around as if to say “Why are we stopped? I do not believe I ordered a halt in our walk. I do not like you to stand still. Continue walking, o slave of […]

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The Turtle

He doesn’t have a name yet, and his underside is brilliant orange. Read more about him here. He’s so tiny, and cute!

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Another look at Spring.

Our lilac bushes are in full bloom, so the house is full of boquets at the moment. This is the boquet in mine and Pipsqueak’s bedroom.

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Life With the Animal People

Just a couple days ago it was the raccoon. As an aside, I think adult and juvenile raccoons look attractive, but adult raccoons have disgusted me ever since I watched them pull a dirty diaper out of a trashcan at a park one evening. I’ve seen them do much worse since then, and I do […]

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