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A poem with a moral

On a certain Lady at Court I know a thing that’s most uncommon;(Envy, be silent and attend!)I know a reasonable woman,Handsome and witty, yet a friend. Not warp’d by passion, awed by rumour;Not grave through pride, nor gay through folly;An equal mixture of good-humourAnd sensible soft melancholy. ‘Has she no faults then (Envy says), Sir?’Yes, […]

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Cloudy Day

But you don’t need an umbrella. You might need a dictionary. They are Word Clouds and they are everywhere today. I first saw it over at Melissa Wiley’s Here in the Bonny Glen, but I’ve seen it two or three places since. It’s very fun. Had I twenty bucks to spare, I’d get the t-shirt, […]

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I Took That Quiz- No Big Surprises.

Well, except for that Engineering thing. And certainly I’m more interested in viewing and discussing art and theater than, say Chemistry. But when it comes to active participation, no, I’d rather muck about with explosive poisons than try to paint a picture. Which is just another way of saying I’d rather clean toilets, right? What […]

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News for the News Notebooks

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan retires. “Coretta Scott King, the widow of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr, died in her sleep early Tuesday morning at the age of 78.” Federal Borrowing at record levels. Privacy issues at Google? Senate Confirms Alito to Supreme CourtHe’s been sworn in. “the United States and Europe convinced […]

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More On Why Kids Can’t Think

I posted about this yesterday. Here’s another report on the same study: New research …conducted by Michael Shayer, professor of applied psychology at King’s College, University of London, concludes that 11- and 12-year-old children in year 7 are “now on average between two and three years behind where they were 15 years ago”, in terms […]

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