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No bedside table

The way my bedroom is set up makes it impossible to have a bedside table of any sort. This is rather tragic for someone who believes in reading many books late at night. Necessity is the mother of invention, though, and I have been using a bed-top basket for the last several months. It only […]

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New Year’s Traditions

According to Infoplease: It is believed that the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions, and people all over the world have been breaking them ever since. The early Christians believed the first day of the new year should be spent reflecting on past mistakes and resolving to improve oneself in the new […]

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My guitar

Yes, I have a guitar. I have no money, and I owe Mum 50 dollars (not actually for the guitar, though, just for the bag and chord book). It is a classical Epiphone. I got the classical guitar because it was smaller and I could actually reach the strings without stretching.I worked on tuning it […]

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Something you should never do

DON’T leave scissors on your bed; you might just forget that you did- and wake up to feel something poking you in the back. Not particularly pleasant.

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5 weird things about JennyAnyDots

This is going to be a bit difficult, I don’t mean that I don’t have weird habits (I do) it’s just that one always notices weird things about other people but never weird things yourself. 1. I do not like most foods that my family says “have taste.” According to them I have no taste […]

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