Another Side to Our Kitchen

Yesterday we showed you one corner of our kitchen. This is another. When Pip took yesterday’s picture, this counter was on her left with the table and hutch behind her.

This is pretty much the full counter space in the kitchen, and as you can see, we clutter it up pretty badly. I took this picture last night after Equuschick cleaned the kitchen and went to bed. She must have been very tired, because I discovered that she had thrown away two dish towels instead of putting them in the laundry basket, and she also threw out the dust-broom.=)
The glass blocks on the end are a couple of ‘found’ objects we brought home and cleaned up to use in the antique booth HG and I keep at a local antique mall. However, once we cleaned them up we realized they wouldn’t work for our needs there, and they ended up here on the counter, waiting patiently for somebody to think of a better place for them.

The table is an old workbench of my husband’s. We brought that inside, put the slab of marble (found in my late uncle’s home, why he had it we do not know) on top. It makes a great bread and pastry dough surface. The hutch we found somewhere else. I can’t remember now if that’s the hutch top we picked up at a thrift shop for ten dollars or the one we pulled out of the neighbor’s trash in Washington. Shameless, cheese-paring skinflints we are, shameless.

On one shelf in the hutch we have our coffee making supplies, easily accessable for the under the counter coffee pot to the right. Other shelves have baking supplies and oatmeal and molasses for breakfast.
In crates beneath the hutch we keep jars of grains and legumes. The five gallon buckets are out in the summer kitchen, and when we empty a jar we refill it from the buckets. The majority of the jars belonged to my grandmother, greatgrandmother, or great aunts. I labeled them with stick-it notes a friend sent me. The notes are bordered with Mary Englebreit designs- cheerful, bright, fruity. I used clear tape to cover them once I wrote the ingredients on them.

The Progeny like to listen to music when they clean the kitchen, and they keep several of their music C.D.s on the metal shelf on the back of the counter. That’s supposed to be an over the sink dish rack, but our sink was too wide and our cupboards too low for that, so I keep the blades to my food processors there instead.

The contact paper on the back of the wall is a temporary fix for a temporary home (we’ll have been here 2.5 years by the time our new house is done). The counter and cupboards do not go all the way back to the wall. The fifth time we dropped my favorite bread knife (I don’t know why that’s what it always was) behind the counter and had to pull out the unit to get it, I got wise. I put up the contact paper and brought it all the way down and over the top of the counter back, basically making a counter to cupboard backsplash out of contact paper. The counter/cupboard unit is really easy to pull out from the wall, but still, it’s not convenient.

Years ago the cast iron cookstove went against the wall where the hutch is. You can still see the place where the stove pipe went into the wall behind the hutch. I would guess that the wooden cupboards and counter top were added after the wood cook stove went out.

We took the cupboard doors off of the bottom cupboard on the far left so that we could still use those cupboards when we put the hutch up there, but that cupboard was too untidy to let you all see it, so I photo-shopped a cover for it. I wanted a curtain there, but haven’t ever gotten that done, and now it seems like an imprudent use of time. We can put the doors back on when we move if the next tenants want them there.

The previous photo made the kitchen seem much smaller than it really is. It really is a roomy kitchen. We just have too much stuff and we use the space inefficiently. And there are nine of us.
OTOH, my great-grandfather bought this house during the depression. The family he rented it out to raised six boys in this home and I know the mother of that family was quite adept at cooking huge meals for the boys and the farm hands back in the day.

More kitchen pictures: look at these two posts and also here, here, here (see all the counter space in this old kitchen! All two feet of it!!) and here for more kitchen pictures of that old house.

See the new kitchen HERE!

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  1. Javamom
    Posted November 4, 2005 at 1:26 am | Permalink

    Ah!!! My Granny’s kitchen looked so much like yours, down to the cabinet and sink colors and the hardware…what a flashback! It’s warm and homey at your place.

    I am thrilled that you all are building a bigger/better one, though. Our kitchen is quite small, and has so little storage space that we bought a separate piece of furniture from a resale shop (it had been a floor model) that is a lot like cabinets and shelves, and is almost the same wood tone as our caninets.

    We also needed more pantry space, so when we converted our garage several years ago, we made part of it into a large laundry room off the kitchen, buildimg seven ft. tall x four ft. wide cubbies to hold all our extra accoutrements and food products. Now I tend to loose/forget about things in there…ooops!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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