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Books read in October

I managed to read six books this month, but am still one title short of the five books a month goal for the year. I’m sure I can catch up over Christmas Break. 🙂 1) The Abandoned Generation: Rethinking Higher Education by Willimon & Naylor. This book has some good suggestions and criticisms for the […]

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USDA’s Analysis of Food Costs for Families

Sora, over at the Upsaid Journal, shared the link in the title. It will take you to a pdf file of the USDA’s official figures for how much they think is reasonable for a family to be spending on groceries. They break it down nicely- you can add up the figures based on the age […]

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20th Carnival of Personal Finance

This is such an excellent carnival. I can always find entries with practical, helpful ideas on being a better steward of our finances. Pay them a visit.

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Joe Wilson Lied, According to Fitzgerald

Clinton Taylor nails it– based on the indictment of Scooter Libby, either Joe Wilson lied or Fitzgerald is. Wilson is still telling people that his wife had nothing to do with the CIA sending him to Niger to investigate claimes that Saddam had attempted to purchase yellowcake. Taylor explains, in words easy to understand, why […]

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It’s Alito

Scott at Powerline says: We’re about to get the fight over Constitutional principles that conservatives have looked forward to for years. Captain Ed notes: In a New York Times report that preceded the nomination of Samuel Alito, one of the Republican Gang of 14 warned the Democrats that any political objections to Alito or any […]

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