Famous in the Second Degree

My friend Donna-Jean, of Liberty and Lily blog, is famous in the first degree because she was interviewed by Cindy Swanson, who has a radio program with an Illinois radio station. Cindy also has a blog, Notes in the Key of Life, and there is a partial transcript there. I get to promote myself to second degree of fame status because I know Donna-Jean, have met her in real life, and have actually hugged her and been hugged by her, and been blessed and encouraged by her immense zest for everything. I defy anybody to spend twenty minutes in her presence and not laugh outloud with joy. I also get sdfs because the interview was about the Ambleside HELP project. Ambleside Online is a free Charlotte Mason curriculum, and AO HELP is a streamlined, gentle, comforting (we pray) version intended for those homeschooling in the midst of crisis, like Katrina. I mentioned it previously here.
Donna-Jean describes it as being our ‘little boy’s lunch.’ Go see what she means.

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    To the smartest woman I know.

    May our five loaves and two fishes (hey, seven of us! Just noticed the math, being rather math-challenged myself…) be used of God – whether AO HELP, our blogs, our offerings, our small actions, our prayers. He is able.

    Thank you for being my friend.

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