Blogs to Read Today

Today an extra special focus on the mil-blogs. I love these guys.

So go read Mudville and BlackFive already, although today they are angry enough that there’s some rough language (Mudville is usually pretty careful about it, BlackFive less so).

You especially want:
Greyhawk’s Wet Shoes– that’s where you’ll find the explanation for the picture I’ve shared in this post.
Mrs. Greyhawk’s Outstanding Morning Patrol

BlackFive’s The Ones Who Stayed

And his list of other countries who have generously offered help makes a very heartwarming read.

Junkyard has more government 101 for those who still think the Feds can just walk into a state and take charge.

This article from the Army Tiems was linked in the comments at Junkyard Blog’s FEMA post.

And here’s a new-to-me blog, Cy-Fair, with a very interesting transcript from Larry King’s interview with General Blum, including these concluding remarks “The big issue is that we have to find and know where the need is to get it there. Just sending supplies is no good unless it gets into the hands of those who needs it. And that’s what we’re working very hard — and we are in support, Larry, it’s very important everybody needs to know this in the country, that we are in support of the lead federal agency. The civilian authorities are in charge. The apparatuses of government are still in charge. This is not martial law. This is the United States of America and its military responds to support the governors of these states are very capable of handling this problem with the resources that were seeing.”

And PUdge at Slashdot would like people to understand Federalism just a little better.

Update: forgot to mention the picture comes from Lucianne.

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