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My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants. –J. Brotherton

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When the Cherub Was Ten I wrote:

She is toilet trained mostly, during the day. Still in diapers at night. she does not speak. She can sign some words, never in sentences. She walks in front of moving cars if not closely watched. She can’t manage fastenings of any sort. She can’t clean herself. She will never read, do math, or possibly […]

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What’s It Like to Be a Parent?

A woman on a parenting list I was on asked us what it was like to be a parent. I was expecting our seventh child at the time. This was my reply: I was totally unprepared for the physical impact of mothering; for me it has been an overwhelmingly sensual experience. I don’t mean sensual […]

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One of our ducks enjoying the creek, which is actually quite deep right now. She’s sitting at the edge of it; there were two paddling about in the middle of it, but at a distance from where I was.

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He’s a People Person, really.

Our bathroom is converted from a large pantry; being frugal midwesterners, who ever put in the bathroom did not change the pantry door. We have a swinging door that does not reach to the floor. This benefits Zeus during his moments of separation anxiety. If only one person is home and -horrors!- decides to use […]

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