The First Year Boy’s Priorities

They are odd, of course, and not quite the done thing, unless of course you are seven. Which he is.

HG & Equuschick were discussing The Equuschick’s desire to have an entire Johnny Depp collection, including “Finding Neverland.” HG demanded to know why The Equuschick wanted a sad movie, a heartbreaking movie, and FYB interjected to insist that “Finding Neverland” was not heartbreaking. “But the boy’s mother dies!” cried HG in an offended tone. FYB was nonplussed and ploughed on, pointing out that there were more heartbreaking movies, like, “Cheaper By the Dozen.”

In “Cheaper by the Dozen”, FYB explained, “a boy runs away from home, and his frog dies.”

Ah. Yes. Mother vs. Frog. Difficult indeed, when you’re seven. 😉

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    Doesn’t the father die at the end of Cheaper by the Dozen? That’s just as sad…
    (Though honestly, the books are better.)

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    He’s talking about the recent movie, which doesn’t even pretend to be a remake of the book (They refer once to Grandma Gilbreith, implying that the mother is one of the Gilbreith Grand-daughters).
    The older children have read the real thing (or had it read to them), but I haven’t finished reading it aloud to the youngest two yet.
    The books are always better, unless it’s a musical.=)

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    Perhaps I shall send Equuschick the complete first season of 21 Jump Street for her birthday. *snicker*

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