Interesting Comparisons

In a comparison of a 1973 algebra textbook and a 1998 “contemporary mathematics” textbook, Williamson Evers and Paul Clopton found a dramatic change in topics. In the 1973 book, for example, the index for the letter “F” included factors, factoring, fallacies, finite decimal, finite set, formulas, fractions and functions. In the 1998 book, the index listed families (in poverty data), fast food nutrition data, fat in fast food, feasibility study, feeding tours, ferris wheel, fish, fishing, flags, flight, floor plan, flower beds, food, football, Ford Mustang, franchises and fund-raising carnival.

From an article by Diane Ravitch, reproduced in full over at Atlas Shrugs, complete with additional commentary and observations of the sort to frizzle your hair and curl your toes.

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    Math books! Don’t get me started! The Baron’s Boy went to a Friends’ School for a few years and used to come home curling his lip over the illustrations and trivial nature of some of the material.

    When we homeschooled we used an excellent text that had no illustrations. Guess we spoiled him.

    Come over and see my tree and read the accompanying lecture on invasive species after the tsunami.

    It’s the top post at the moment:

    Neighborhood of God

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    And who says math is a “religion-neutral” subject.

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