23rd Education Carnival

The good people at Education Wonks have done it again- put together a fascinating carnival of education posts from all over the place on all sorts of subjects. Of course, as a homeschooling mom, I was particularly interested in the posts on the NEA and one involving a letter on homeschooling- oh, this is just priceless.

From Ticklish Ears:

Apparently, I’m an amateur. And gullible. This is what I learned when I visited Natalie’s Ramblings, Rants & Remedies. She links to this NEA column by a Mr. Dave Arnold, perhaps one of the most inept attacks on homeschooling I’ve ever come across. I really should leave him alone, he’s so out of his league, but it’s important to realize that this is probably the way a lot of people think

You’ll really, really, really want to read the entire post. Mr. Dave Arnold is guilty of the Dowdification of quotes, and Ticklish Ears does a great job of exposing this and other flaws in Arnold’s article.

Then, of course, you want to read Natalie’s original post, and doin’t miss the comments.

Here’s the original screed by Mr. Arnold- read it only if you have your blood pressure safely under control.

Now wasn’t that fun? But wait- there’s more! It gets even better.

Visit Natalie’s update.

A homeschooling parent wrote what Natalie calls the ‘snarkiest letter of the year’ to Mr. Arnold, and you’ll want to read it all. Here’s an excerpt to tempt you:

And you’re also right about the stupidity of retreating from a fight. Who ever won a battle by boycotting? Gandhi? Now there’s a man who didn’t spend enough time on the school yard!

Finally, I think your best point is that teachers are the ones who are best motivated to do the best job possible. Parents are likely more interested in just keeping things running and avoiding problems than making sure that their kids get the best possible education! Teachers have job reviews based on how their students performed on standardized tests, for example, and homeschooling parents have no incentive to teach their kids this important skill. Teachers also are motivated to move their kids through the system, to avoid “controversial” behavior that might lead to a pointless lawsuit, and to get their kids to learn instead of wasting time with a bunch of unimportant questions. What parent has any of these?

Mr. Arnold responded and his letter is reproduced in full in Natalie’s post. It is a must read. MUST. READ. NOW.

Then go ahead and visit the rest of the carnival- which is linked in the title. Have a Great DAY!

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