Amnesty International

Bias at Amnesty International?

LGF tells us something about the leadership, and what American Political campaigns they’ve donated to. Betcha can’t guess. He’s got another bombshell, too.

Austin Bay points out that

“An organization with genuine moral principles and genuine respect for human rights must be able to distinguish between scattered crime and focused genocide, between criminal actions at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo (on the one hand) and 9/11, the Taliban, Bali, Saddam, suicide bombers (etc) on the other.”

Austin Bay links also to Roger Simon, who makes a great point about what’s going on with Amnesty.

Publius Pundit points out that Amnesty International only shares the biases of the MSM- and you can go to google for your evidence. Very interesting post.

Update: Beldar Blog has excerpts of the speech where Amnesty International’s secretary general compared Gitmo to STalin’s Gulags. Says Beldar,this is why more people should study history, a sentiment the DHM always shares:

“Only someone completely ignorant of history — including even the most general history of the brutal Soviet regime that, over decades, systematically murdered millions of people — could possibly say something so incredibly, embarrassingly stupid. But hey, why did she bother to give a whole speech and publish a report, when she could have made her same devastating point even more clearly with a two-word poster? Ms. Khan’s historical allusion amounts to “Bush = Stalin.” “

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