17th Education Carnival

The Education Wonks have another education- and educational- carnival up.

Entries that caught my eye:

Science and Politics talks about vivisection, animal research (in favor of), experiments (supports), animal rights (he’s opposed), Creationism (he’s opposed), and some of the rules that supposedly protect the animals used in research and study. I didn’t always agree, but I was never bored.

Mentor Matters has a post that illustrates clearly why I do not think it is fair to compare home schools with public schools- we are just not doing the same job. Ultimately, we have similar goals- the education of children, but the obstacles we each face are utterly disparate. Public school teachers are doing a job I would not want to do, and in many cases, a job they should not have to do.

Speaking of hassles public school teachers endure that home educators do not, Darren from Right on the Left Coast talks about teachers’ unions, lack of accountability and misuse of funds for political aims.

Jenny D, who previously hosted the carnival has two interesting posts on her work for her doctrinal dissertation. Then there’s a conversation about it here (see the comments as well) and more here. I think you’ll find it very interesting. Somebody in the comments at Jenny’s blog suggested she read John Taylor Gatto’s Book Dumbing Us Down, and I hope she takes up that advice. I’d also like to know if she’s read Ed School Follies, and what she thought about it. Of course, Doctoral Dissertation writers have nothing better to do with their time than read books suggested by homeschooling moms, right? Of course, right, to quote Yenta.=)

Remember my post about California mandating shorter books for students? Number 2 Pencil covers that story.

Actually, there are many very interesting entries in today’s carnival, and unfortuantely, I have over-run my computer time. Go check it out!

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