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He cheated!

Well. By Sky’s second saddling, which ocurred thisevening, he had all ready figured out the BloatedBelly trick. The Equuschick does not think this is fair. If it takestime and experience for a horse to figure out thethings The Equuschick wants him to learn, it ought to take just asmuch time and experience for him to […]

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Chilled Strawberry Soup

I love strawberries. When I was a senior in high school we moved to California. Our yard had a border full of strawberries going all around the yard. Every day after school, I would come home to an empty house (both my parents worked outside the home) and put on my swimming suit. Then I […]

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Just thinkin’

We have become a nation of muddled rights. We speak of individual freedom when allowing a woman to kill her unborn child. We speak of the collective good while allowing the government to seize an individual’s home.

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Equality Under the Law

Common Room Scholars and their friends might wish to read this article on Taking Liberties, Taking Property. You’ve probably already heard about this (if you read our comments, you know that Timotheus gave us a link to the announcement before just about any other blog had it up):Chief Justice Souter’s home is now the target […]

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ChristWeb is sponsoring the Christian Carnival Educationwonks has the 21st Education Carnival Carnival of the Vanities, where bloggers submit their best post of the week, is up at Sophist Pundit. The Tangled Bank is a carnival of posts by scientists or amateurs about just about any science field the bloggers wish to write about. Very […]

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