I Love My Family, But Others May Not

In a previous post, I shared a little vignette of our family life. I thought it was funny and showed some of what I love about my family, and apparently, so did most of you.

In this post I’m going to share a less charming vignette, and it will show why we may be a blight on the landscape of our hosts today (they have not said so, but they are well mannered and kind).

First Year Boy, desiring to make himself sought after by a boy four or five years older than himself: “I might invite your family to my birthday party. But I might not.”

First Year Boy, always inclined to share his knowledge with any audience he can find, tells our host’s young children that there is no Santa Claus. This is not kosher- but he’s young enough that he does not recall the last time we told him not to tell other people’s children this little fact of life. This is better than the time one of our children announced to some young friends that there once had been a Santa Claus, but he was dead and had been dead a very long time.

He needs some manners lessons, and he’s getting them. He’s also making some discoveries:

First Year Boy’s very good friend in our host family is a child his own age. They have known each other since they were two. They are very excited to discover how much they have in common; they both 0like this, and they both don’t like that, and isn’t that amazing!

But there are also some things they do not have in common.
First Year Boy: I can almost wink with my right eye and you can almost wink with your left eye. That’s something different about us.
Friend: Hey, that’s right!

First Year Boy: And I have short hair, but your hair is longer.
Friend: Yeah, that’s something else different about us.

First Year Boy: And I wear pants but sometimes you wear dresses.
Friend: Well, that’s because I’m a girl and you are a boy.

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