POwerline has an article worth your time (as ever).

Terry Neal of the Washington Post says,

“Eleven years ago, when Republicans were still in the minority, Sen. Orin [sic] Hatch (R-Utah) said the filibuster tool should be used because ‘the minority has to protect itself and those the minority represents.'”

Except that it turns out what Senator Hatch said was rather different:

“I personally do not want to filibuster Federal judges. The President won the election. He ought to have the right to appoint the judges he wants to.’

What makes this misrepresentation of fact somewhat amusing is that little ‘sic’ incident. Senator Hatch’s first name is spelled Orrin- stay with me on this, because the DHM has confessed her spelling crimes before, and she tries not to be nitpicky about spelling. However, this mistake is special. What makes this little error so cute is the fact that, as Powerline bloggers point out,

“if you Google “orin hatch,” you will find that, for some reason, left-wing web sites frequently misspell his name in that way. Which suggests, I suppose, where Neal got his misinformation. But isn’t the Washington Post supposed to have editors who know how to spell the names of famous and powerful Senators?”

Read it all, and read what Hugh Hewitt has to say about it, too.

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