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The Bedtime Conversation

Deputy Headmistress to First Year Girl: Are you sure you washed your hands and used the nail brush all over the nails? FYG nods solemnly. DHM, looking critically at FYG’s nails: Really and truly? FYG: Cross my heart; Hope not to die. (she crosses her heart and spits on her palm, holds up the slimy […]

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State of Education…

The state of Education in the State of California is in a sad, sad, state. I first read about the textbook selection process in California when I read Physicist Richard Feynman’s autobiographical book Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman (this is not a G rated read, but other parents might enjoy it).You can read his account […]

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Math the Play Way

If you’ve already done ‘ Math the Laundry Way’ and are ready to move on to something just a little more formal, here are some ideas for you. I believe children need plenty of time working with real things before moving to symbols. We want them to feel comfortable with numbers before they get to […]

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Parental Involvement? No Thanks

This article reveals so many things that are just plain wrong about this situation that I hardly know where to start. Parents and school officials both, from what I can tell, wanted to offer a Spanish immersion program to the children of a school district. They proposed a tax override which would have raised property […]

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Managing From the Heart, Correcting

Corrections & Disagreements Managing from the Heart goes as follows:Hear and understand me.Even if you disagree please don’t make me wrong.Acknowledge the greatness within me.Remember to look for my good intentions.Tell me the Truth with compassion. Visit my post from April for Hear and Understand me. Even if you disagree please don’t make me wrong. […]

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