Using sick relatives in petty revenge games?

REgarding Mae Magouirk, reports are that granddaughter Beth Gaddy has denied her grandmother’s siblings the right to visit their sister in the hospital. In fact, Suebob reports that security guards remain in Mae’s room and have escorted the relatives from the premises.

Ken Mullinax, Mae’s nephew, tells Blogs for Terri that his lawyer asked Beth’s lawyer, in so many words, “Whassup wit dat?”
And Ken Mullinax says that Beth’s reply (relaid through the appropriate layering of lawyers) is

“Beth would be willing to allow us access to Mae Magouirk, if and only if, “Kenny would not give another media interview or speak to another blogger or do anything, either passive or proactive, which will give information or shed public attention to the case of Mae Magouirk.”

Whatever Gaddy’s reasons, that seems a little impolitic.

SueBob comments on Wizbang, and points to the link where we can read the court documents, if we are so inclined. Says SueBob:

There are some court findings made part of the court order that was based on an agreement of the parties. It is already published on the internet. The petition for the siblings is also out on the internet and makes for interesting reading regarding Beth Gaddy’s involvement in Mae’s finances prior to Mae’s illness. See pages 20 through 23. The living will and POA are there as well.

I would recommend starting at page 18. Very disturbing stuff.

Paul at Wizbang notes that finally some regular print media are following the story. The two links
he gives are local papers, one of them requiring visitors to register, promise to donate their firstborn to Molok, and drink eight glasses of water per day.

Seems a little insensitive, since water is one of the things that was being denied Mrs. Mcgouirk.

(That last bit was satirical, folks- just a comment on what a hassle it was to register with that paper)

In that article we read:

A granddaughter who has been deemed her legal guardian placed her [Mae Magouirk] in a hospice, without food. Other family members disagreed, saying the woman is not beyond recovery and has not lost her ability to think.

Now a panel of three medical specialists, commissioned by a Troup County probate judge, has ruled that the woman’s heart ailment is treatable.

On Saturday, the widowed cancer clinic retiree was airlifted to UAB Medical Center in Birmingham after a week without food.

…Magouirk got sick March 13 and was subsequently moved to a LaGrange hospice, which began preparing for her death. The order had come from her physician and grandchildren Beth Gaddy and Michael Shane Magouirk, Mullinax said. He is against letting his aunt die without treatment.

“This is a little old lady who hasn’t had a single drink of whiskey, but she was on morphine, and she was loopy,” Mullinax said.

After Magouirk fell ill, Gaddy the granddaughter — a middle school teacher — told relatives that she prayed about the hospice decision, according to Mullinax. He said she told her family, “I think Jesus wants her to go home. She’s suffered enough.”

“When my Aunt Mae becomes lucid again, she’s going to be very saddened,” said Mullinax, a speechwriter and former congressional aide.

Gaddy could not be reached for comment Monday. Messages left for her and her brother at their mother’s home were not returned.

Blogs for Terri has offered to allow Beth Gaddy to tell her side of the story on their blog, but they have yet to hear anything from her.

UPDATE: has a story up- no new information that I saw, except obviously Ken Mullinax has definitely decided not to keep quiet in exchange for access to Mae. Probably wise. After all, what would it profit it him to gain access to her all day and all night if she lost her life because his lips were sealed?

Update 4/13/05: A Certain Slant of Light shares another news source reporting on Mae Magouirk, and also notes that this one, like the one above, has no information the blogs haven’t already noted.

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