Dubious Doings in Dubai, or just Fantasy Islands?

In a previous post(Around the World), I linked to a an article about the massive building projects currently ongoing in Dubai.

Here’s more:
Boing Boing (The Headmistress is not pleased with the ads on this site) says

300 private islands shaped like world map, near Dubai
A developer near Dubai is building a supervillain lair straight out of the funnybooks — a collection of private islands arranged to look like a map of the world, with African game preserves, luxury hotels, McMansions, condos, etc etc etc. Also, a fleet of (heavily armed?) water-borne private coppers patrolling the islands for crooks, and, I’m guessing, hidden missile silos, or possibly a labroatory for breeding a race of superbeings.

Boing Boing has a photograph, a link to the offical page, and more, including a link to Ego Food, where we learn there is no Israel in Dubai’s fantasy world. Sez Ego Food:

“Political much? My, Dubai, That’s an interesting world you have there. Let’s see whom else you’ve removed from that map of yours. No Washington State or Oregon, but that’s okay, they’re all California to me, too.”

A Complete Waste of Time (“wasting time so you don’t have to”) also has the very impressive photograph and says that “Islands are expected to sell for prices beginning at US$ 6.85 million.”

Start saving your money now, as the project will be completed by the end of this year.

The Official Website is here, where you can even see video, listen to a midi file of the United Arab Emirates national anthem, see the lyrics in English and Arabian, look at photographs, get email postcards (one of them is really very odd), and much, much, more.

Equuschick, JennyAnyDots and Pipsqueak watched the video with me.

“I wouldn’t want to clean that” says JennyAnyDots, as we view a mansion dreamhome, all in white interiors.

“If you were that rich, you’d have an army of servants,” points out Equuschick. “How about I buy an island and you come be my servant?”

JennyAnyDots says, “You buy an island and I will gladly come live there and clean for you.”

“Choose your island. Choose your opportunity,” the video narrator encourages us.

“Horses?” asks Equuschick (of course). “Are there places to keep horses?”

The Deputy Headmistress supposes that since it is an Arabian country, there will be places for horses for those who want them. She privately wonders if that was stereotyping, but the video continues.

“I want the castle,” says Pipsqueak.

“Oooh, I want that” – in unison from all three girls as the African Game preserve island comes up.

“The only limit,” the narrator assures us, “Is the imagination.”

AND MONEY” the Common Room Chorus replies, on cue and in perfect harmony. Uncanny. It’s as though they rehearsed.

And to think, just yesterday I was listening to somebody tell me on the radio that Americans were the most materialistic people on earth.

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