Bolton Nomination

Spot on WSJ article here.

Eric at Classical Values has an extensive background information on Melody Townsel, the woman who seems to have derailed the Bolton nomination by her accusation (made for the first time to the commission in the last week or so) that several years ago Bolton chased her down and pounded on her door at a hotel room. She says she never mentioned it before because she left politics to raise her children. Eric looks into what she was doing during the time she ‘left politics’ to raise her ‘children.’

And saving the best for last- Excellent summing up and suggested solution for dealing with failed Republican leadership on this issue- from Captain Ed.


Now we have Frist losing another nomination battle with the Democrats when the Republicans on the Foreign Relations Committee failed to do any timely research on the one witness to come forward to claim that John Bolton was mean to her in public. That allegation caused George Voinovich to lose his nerve, even though a small bit of research would have made clear that Melody Townsel has a big axe to grind against the GOP:

The latest accusations of abuse aimed at the president’s nominee to be America’s ambassador to the United Nations come from a self-described “liberal Democrat” who in 2004 helped organize the Dallas chapter of “Mothers Opposing Bush.”
The woman, Melody Townsel, alleged that John Bolton chased her through the halls of a Moscow hotel throwing objects and screaming threats at her in August 1994, according to a letter circulated Saturday by the spokesman for the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Biden of Delaware.

The New York Sun published this on April 18th, the day before Voinovich lost his nerve. Why didn’t the GOP leadership distribute this information to FRC members? Frist and the Republicans instead allowed Voinovich to back away from Bolton and postpone for several weeks any reconsideration of his nomination, once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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