Bloggers as light at the end of the tunnel?

Well, I think so. After years of having to put up with unbalanced, sometimes dishonest, and just untrustworthy sources for news, I’ve found some of the best political blogs to be as refreshing as opening up all the windows in a smoke-filled room.

But Phil Boas says blogs are the light at the end of the tunnel for the media. I think he’s got a point. He says:

If you listen closely, tuning in to the conversation beyond the oft-expressed contempt for mainstream media, you’ll find the blogosphere actually needs mainstream media. We provide most of the coverage that starts the conversation. And by carrying the conversation further than we do, the blogosphere makes mass media vital.

This is a point every one of my favorite Poli Blogs has made- they don’t wish to, and indeed cannot, replace MSM- they just want to be able to rely on it to at least care about getting its facts straight. An untrustworthy MSM is harmful to all of us in the long run, and bloggers really do understand that and want to see improvement.

Boas goes on to say,

The bloggers are demanding better standards and less bias-not unreasonable demands given journalism’s current track record. But they’re also creating stimulating and often irresistible discussion around the news we produce.

Journalism tomorrow, thanks to forces like the blogosphere, will grow more competitive. The best journalists will flourish. The mediocre will be exposed and washed out.

That’s not something to lament. That’s progress. We are living in the Information Age, when government and business are increasingly dependent on knowledge. It was inevitable that a knowledge-based culture would demand better, faster, more reliable information.

Good article. Read it all. Go on, you know you want to.

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