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Afghanistan– if you haven’t bookmarked Chrenkoff already, you’ll want to do that so you can keep up with his updates on the good news from Afghan and Iraq. He acknowledges that there is bad news too, but that’s about as hard to discover as the ground where you put your feet.

See Chrenkoff also for the results of an interesting study on the root causes of terrorism. It also inadvertently reveals something about the assumptions of people who feel the need to study those root causes.

Kyrgyzstan: Be sure to read the whole article, and then check out some of the links.

They just don’t make Pulitzer Prize winners like they used to. See Powerline and Michelle Malkin for the full story. Warning: Michelle has the questionable photograph on her website, and it’s not for the squeamish.

What do you know about the 1981 Kremlin plot to kill the Pope?

Come down, Kofi come down, sings Norm Coleman. I hope it’s a smash hit.

The U.N. Commission on Human Rights- is it also the private club of the World’s Most Oppressive Regimes? Bonnet tip to Certain Slant of Light

Dubai may just be a place to watch. Impressive story, with just a wee bit of unnecessary snark.

Major political scandal in Canada, now with ramifications for bloggers everywhere.
See Captain Ed here, and just keep on scrolling. This story of political corruption and cover up is just incredible. See also Small Dead Animals (keep scrolling for an amusing Haiku connection), Winds of Change, Michelle Malkin, and keep your eye on these Canadian Bloggers and others- especially this one.

UPDATE: See Bird of Paradise for some ethical concerns about Captain Ed’s coverage

And Back Again:

The ACLU embarrasses itself over the Patriot Act:

In one case described by Senator Cornyn, the ACLU stated that a federal court had struck down parts of the Patriot Act, calling the decision “a landmark victory against the Ashcroft Justice Department.” Newspapers repeated this claim. But it turned out that the statute in question was not the Patriot Act, but rather the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, drafted by liberal Democrat Patrick Leahy and endorsed at the time by the ACLU.

Further developments on the case of the Documents of Dubious Origin.

Blogs for Terri has a thought-provoking list of ideas for where we go from here. I’m not comfortable with all of them, but it’s a start. Volunteered at a nursing home or hospice lately?

And home in time for tea:

With sugar or without?

Since 1820, when Louisiana sugar planters successfully argued for high tariffs to prevent a collapse in the value of slaves, the industry has used political influence to fleece consumers and taxpayers and avoid competition. No other industry has used its deep pockets and vast political clout ($22 million of campaign contributions to both parties since 1990) to restrain trade and competition.

Read the above article to catch up on the sugar industry today.

Update: When posting these links this morning, fragments from a child’s poem kept running through my head. I used bits of them for headers. I couldn’t think of the complete rhyme, though. JennyAnyDots and Pipsqueak said they knew what I meant, but they couldn’t remember it either. Equuschick said it was from a yellow book with a brother and sister in it, but neither of us could remember the title. Indeed, I could not remember such a book. The First Year Girl just sat down to read me a rhyme from a book- and it was the yellow book with the brother and sister! Here’s the rhyme, dictated to the Headmistress by the FYG:

Off we go on a piggyback ride,
Fair and fancy free.
Around the world on an empty purse
And back in time for tea!

From the delightful book Catch Me & Kiss Me & Say It Again, by Clyde Watson, illustrated by her sister Wendy Watson

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