Whose Wishes are They Anyway?

Michael has had at least two other girlfriends since Terri’s collapse (possibly more). An ex-girlfriend has testified that he admitted to her that he didn’t really know what Terri would have wanted, because they’d never discussed it. This ex also said that he was abusive, stalked her at work, and she was afraid of him.

Michael Schiavo never ‘remembered’ that Terri wanted to die until after he won a hefty lawsuit on her behalf. In that lawsuit, he promised to care for Terri for the rest of her life, and claimed he needed the money for her care.
Instead, he cut the check, put a DNR notice on her charts, and has spent over half the money on his lawyers to try to kill her. He moved Terri to hospice and put her on Medicaid.

Terri swallows her own saliva. There is a good chance she could swallow soft foods and liquids, but Michael and the judge refuse to permit her to try.

Michael has children with another woman- the woman he has lived with for the last several years. To those who say that Terri died at the time of her collapse and this is just finishing the process- what died fifteen years ago was Michael’s marriage with Terri- not Terri herself.

But this isn’t just about Terri.

Further reading:
Nat Hentoff:

The reporting on the fierce battle for the life of 39-year-old Terri Schiavo has been the worst case of this kind of journalistic malpractice I’ve seen….
For 13 years, Terri Schiavo has not been able to speak for herself. But she is not brain-dead, not in a comatose state, not terminal, and not connected to a respirator. If the feeding tube is removed, she will starve to death. Whatever she may or may not have said, did she consider food and water “artificial means?”
The media continually report that Terri is in a persistent vegetative state, and a number of neurologists and bioethicists have more than implied to the press that “persistent” is actually synonymous with “permanent.” This is not true, as I shall factually demonstrate in upcoming columns. I will also provide statements from neurologists who say that if Terri were given the proper therapy—denied to her by her husband and guardian after he decided therapy was becoming too expensive despite $750,000 from a malpractice suit—she could learn to eat by herself and become more responsive.
Terri is responsive, beyond mere reflexes. Having this degree of sentience, if she is starved to death, she will not “die in peace” as The New York Times predicts in an uninformed October 23 editorial supporting the husband. What happens to someone who can feel pain during the process of starvation is ghastly….”
Read the whole thing, especially what he says about the new priesthood of death. It’s not just people like Terri who are at risk.

“Wesley Smith, author of Forced Exit—who has accurately researched more of these cases than anyone I know—reports that of the $750,000 to be held in trust for Terri’s rehabilitation, two of Michael Schiavo’s lawyers pressing for removal of her feeding tube have been paid more than $440,000. Whom did that rehabilitate?”

REad the whole thing, which you can link to from

Via My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, h/t Anchoress

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