The Mini Schiavo Round-Up

According to our tracker, we have a number of new visitors who have come to the Common Room to read more about Terri Schiavo. For their benefit I’ve compiled a list of all the Schiavo related posts here, in a sort of miniature, Common Room specific round up.
If you’re nice people, you’re welcome to stay and look around. Please remember you are in a school crossing zone.=)

Pay Attention, by the Equuschick, our best writer, and the first one to turn the Common Room from our usual nonsense to something more serious

The Conversation, conversation with a prochoice friend. I point out that the quality of life argument very quickly reduces the continued existence of our multiply disabled child to a choice up to us rather than a self-evident right of her own.

Quality of Life, Quality of Mercy– Some people who have just met us will often tell us over and over again how sorry
they feel for the Cherub. It tends to be the most unobservant, or perhaps self-absorbed, people who feel so sorry for her. We can tell, because sooner or later, they will draw attention to their self-absorption by saying something like “I wouldn’t want to live like that.” I find this sadly amusing, as the Cherub is generally a pretty happy soul, and is perfectly content with things as they are (although there could always be another cookie, another song, another hug, another joy ride on a golf cart). I’m pretty sure that I would not want to live my life as a self-absorbed fool, either, but I don’t tell them it would be better if they’d been killed at birth just because I would find it unsatisfying to live life as they do.

Terri Schiavo and Brain Death– case of woman diagnosed as PVS and what she has to say about it

Proverb for Today– first we have the disclaimer (It was never our intention to make this a blog about hard, serious, and heartrending, heartbreaking, and really emotionally difficult topics. We meant to be funny, lighthearted, trivial, and occasionally erudite- but never serious. The Common Room isn’t meant to be a soapbox.). Then we have the soapbox, and a lot of information on Terri’s case.

Speaking Out, by the Head Girl again. She makes some historical connections, which is only natural, since her major is history.

Staying Current, for the purposes of this mini-round-up, I’m not listing general updates. Updates quickly become postdates in this case. But this post has more on Kate Adamson, declared PVS, starved, and survived to tell about it. It wasn’t painless.

Something to Say, a mustread, IMO, about our disabled daughter. She can’t speak, but she has mobility, so can communicate. If her physical disabilities were greater, she would be unable to communicate, as she doesn’t understand enough to blink her eyes or squeeze our hands consistently on command. But she’d be no less of a human being.

Petulance and Pride , about some of the professionals involved in the attempt to kill Terri.

Is Life Important, by the Head Girl. Hint: the answer is yes. Furthermore, we can care about two things (or even more) at the same time.

Whose Wishes are They Anyway, Part the First
Part the Second
Compelling evidence that it’s not Terri’s wishes being fulfilled here.

Death with Dignity? The last time Terri’s tube was removed and then reinstated, Michael’s lawyer (because Terri doesn’t have a lawyer or a guardian ad litum of her own) complained about the state performing surgery ‘against her wishes.’ I’d agree that it was against Michael’s wishes. I’m not so sure about Terri. But when I think about it, why do they not just cap off her tube? Why put her through the unnecessary physical trauma of having her tube surgically removed. Isn’t that oddly sadistic? Especially when it’s not done properly?

Thanks for reading. Please pray for Terri and all those involved, and consider phoning the appropriate people to complain to.

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