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Update: See also the Carnival of Freedom for the most recent freedom round-up.

Via Instapundit, a link to a terrific article in the Times, UK, by Gerard Baker, which contains this reminder:

In a speech one month before the start of the Iraq war in 2003, Mr Bush laid out the strategy: “The world has a clear interest in the spread of democratic values, because stable and free nations do not breed the ideologies of murder. They encourage the peaceful pursuit of a better life.”

Thanks also to The Anchoress, who sends us to The Corner – a pleasant corner it is, too, where are reminded that the military name for this war in Iraq has always been Iraqi Freedom.

Freedom is on the march other places as well, and Common Room scholars should be sure to have referenced the Ukraine and Lebanon in their news notebooks (the Deputy Headmistress trusts that the Common Room scholars need no reminders to maintain their news notebooks).

The Headmistress admits to feeling somewhat out of the loop on these events, and offers the following primers and links as possibly helpful for placing them in context. If any Common Room Readers, Gentle or otherwise, can off other sources of information suitable for young maidens to read, the Headmistress would welcome them. She is sure the Young Maidens would also, being the sort of young people who are always yearning to shed the shackles of ignorance (right?).


The Virtual Information Center has a brief Syria Primer.

The Consulate General of Israel to New England has a page of articles and links about Syria and Terrorism.


The Tulip Girl has much worth reading. Specifically, the Headmistress recommends

Ukraine Backgrounder, a link rich post taking you to maps, encyclopedia entries, and more.

A Picture of Ukraine, which quotes an essay by a Ukrainian novelist.

Love, Faith, and Hope in Ukraine, quoting a post from a Ukrainian citizen

Update: March 5, 2005- a current link to the Tulip Girl’s page added.

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