Do not Enter: The Equuschick is Thinking

One’s character is one’s destiny. So says Dorothy Sayers in “Busman’s Honeymoon”, and so says that thought-provoking film “The Emperor’s Club.” Having had it twice reinorced through such excellent sources, I’ve decided it is true.

Now, I ask myself, what is one’s character? Can I, do I, make it? Or is it as set and certain as the colour of my hair? If it is set in place for me since time out of mind, then so is my destiny. Therefore my Fate, so to speak, is Sealed. There is nothing I can do about it. But I do not believe God seals one fate without one’s consent.

Where were we? Right. Scripture does not lead me to believe that God seals my fate, or destiny if you will, without my consent. Therefore, by some method or other, I must wield some power over my own destiny. And if my destiny is controlled by my character, than my character is in my own hands. I make it. I mold it. Whatever I become of myself, I make myself.

This is the conclusion I knew I was going to come to, but I’m depressed about it all the same. All of my life I’ve been looking for someone to hand my life to on a silver platter and say, “Here, find a solution to this mess.” And now it turns out this person is me.


God is the solution, but I’m the only one who can find Him for myself.

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