Further Introductions to the members of The Common Room

Two of our denizens are scientists of high standing in the scientific world (their own private scientific world, you understand), with a peculiar specialization towards the Problem of Pain, as approached by Count Rugen vs. C.S Lewis.

They are always eager to impart their rather macabre (they view it is as informative) theories and facts on various torture procedures to the unsuspect…I mean, the eager student. (Do not be unduly alarmed, however, they never practice on said students.)*

These two Common Room members are EquusChick and Pipsqueak (a youngish teen). EquusChick dispenses horsesense and nonsense. Your job will be to discern betwixt the two. Pipsqueak shall be dispensing something, but she’s not telling what just yet. We do know it won’t be Spelling.

There are many misconceptions about EquusChick (a youngish 20 something), one of them being that she is always in another world. On the contrary, she has been known to have as many as three Sentient Moments per week. During these moments, she has been known to display something that looks surprisingly like Cognitive Intelligence. When she is another world, however, we feel compelled to tell you, for your own safety, that is sometimes Best to Leave Her There.

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  1. Posted February 16, 2005 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    >>towards the Problem of Pain, as approached by Count Rugen vs. C.S Lewis.Oh. *muffled short* Funny, funny.


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